October 18, 2012


This afternoon sure kicked my butt. No, everything went well other than the fact I just totally disappointed myself. There's this one person that just gets under my skin. I wouldn't call him my "nemesis" or anything that dramatic. He just has one of those extremely over-confident individuals whose mere appearance sparks more than a little annoyance. Well, the guy cornered me and launched into the standard insincere spiel which I won't rehash here. I guess I was in a unique head space cause I gave it right back to him, which will more than likely totally come back to bite me in the butt considering the type of luck I tend to have. Oh well, the good thing about the situation is that I'm not the only people miffed at this particular individual and the other folks who're my compatriots have a lot more stroke than he or I. Anyways, nothing I can do about it now. That bridge was burnt several hours ago...(though it did feel kinda satisfying to stand up to him)

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