October 27, 2012

Early Voting

So far today's been a pretty good day I guess. Went up to the dealership and got my sun visor replaced. My awesome girlfriend found out the thing was under a recall which was an awesome thing for me since letting Toyota pay for it is a darn sight better than the alternative. The downside was that I had to spend two hours of my life up there and that I let them up-sell me to an overpriced oil change.

I also got voting out of the way a few days early. I've gotta admit, it felt good dropping the hammer on that voting machine. I have a sneaking suspicion that its going to be an incredibly tight, to the end kind of race. It's got me wondering...the last time we had a super-close election we came out of the experience with the 'hanging chad' meme. Since we apparently have moved over to electronic voting machines it sort of makes me wonder what type of related controversy we'll get this cycle if it comes down to that. On a related, yet funnier note, I almost ended up getting "disenfranchised" at my polling place. From what I could tell someone in the processing chain got a little carried away at the keyboard and added a consonant to my name. Got a little antsy when the lady doing the in-processing couldn't find me on the rolls. Thankfully, with the assistance of a valid ID and a very helpful lady who reminded me of my grandmother I got hooked up and did my patriotic duty. While all this was going on I couldn't help wonder what the OSCE/UN observers certain parties have invited into the process would have made of the whole process. One could only hope they'd take notes and carry it back to their home countries

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