October 21, 2012

Domino Dominator

Last night was a lot of fun. I introduced my niece to the game of dominoes. Had absolutely no idea she'd get into it as much as she did. Took her a few minutes to get the hang of it but once she did we ended up playing for almost two hours solid. The most entertaining thing about it was watching her sort of light up in a way as she got the hang of it. I'll tell ya, it was intense but I was also impressed that she was a good sport once I started catching up with her. Being a magnanimous winner isn't a personality trait I'd associate with being six years old. Then again, that's not a personality trait I associate with adults, come to think of it. In the interest of full perspective she still ended up beating me seven games to four.

I guess the funniest thing about the whole evening was her little brother. That little goofball has the attention span of a...actually it's just about non-existent. He had to go outside and check on Kitty Boots every fifteen or twenty minutes. I've known that kid forever and it still cracks me up that he's such a cat person but absolutely terrified of my dog. Maybe it's cause the cat doesn't outweigh him by a solid thirty pounds. Anyways, I couldn't help laughing out loud when he showed me this feather that the cat "gave" him. Totally one of those things you had to see to fully understand but imagine a sleep-deprived three year old hopped up on cake and sprite totally torqued up with excitement and you can just almost get a sense of the hilarity

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