October 24, 2012

Avian Nemesis

I'm fortunate enough to have covered parking where I work which I utilize daily. Apparently I'm not the only species to have realized its a great place to park it. I walked outside to leave this evening and there were about a half-dozen pigeons eyeing me the entire way as I went to my car. I seriously don't know what their deal was seeing that they were basically unreachable being twenty feet over my head. Once I got to my car I realized where the suspicious glances were coming from. Thanks to the little birdies the entire lower third of my windshield looked like it was coated in a pretty even coating of vanilla milkshake. Totally nasty. I'm contemplating getting a cat trap and snagging one of the strays that run around my neighborhood. The way I see it that's a win-win. The cats get a dietary change of pace and no more poo on my car! Voila!

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